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Volunteer Student Helpers (Undergraduates)

If you want to help out the research conducted in this lab, you are required to

(a) commit at least 4 hours per week to lab tasks (e.g., preparations of materials, data collection, and coding);

(b) attend weekly lab meetings;

(c) enjoy learning and lab activities

If you are interested in volunteering, please Prof. Hui (


Honour Thesis (Undergraduates)

In this lab, thesis students are expected to:

(a) work on their own research ideas - Students who already know their interests will be preferred;

(d) complete ideally two studies (one correlational and one experimental) for a thesis whenever possible;

(c) attend weekly lab meetings and thesis group meetings and present once in each semester;

(d) be a team worker, willing to share and be open to ideas/views


If you are interested in writing a thesis under the supervision of Prof. Hui, you might contact him directly at Please indicate your research interests when you write the email. (If you want to know more about Prof. Hui’s supervision style, you may also consult his current/previous thesis supervisees.)



Dissertation and Independent Studies (Graduate Students)

In this lab, graduate students are expected to:

(a) work on their research ideas;

(b) attend lab meetings;

(c) be independent and yet open to other's ideas/comments;

(d) be responsible for their own studies and career choices 


If you are interested in working in self-regulation lab, you might contact Prof. Hui directly at Please attach CV when you write the email.


Please be reminded that Prof. Hui only takes students from MPhil and PhD programs in Psychology. He does not take Master's students from Industrial/Organizational Psychology program.

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