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Dr. Chin Ming HUI

I am the director of Self-Regulation Laboratory and currently an associate professor at Department of Psychology, Chinese University of Hong Kong. My research interests are in motivational processes in goal pursuit and interpersonal relationships. 

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 Graduate Students  (in alphabetical order of last name)


I am a second-year Ph. D student. My recent research interest lies in the process-oriented examination on multiple goal pursuit. Besides, I am working on the real-life implications of achievement-related constructs such as grit, conscientiousness, and self-control (e.g., goal pursuit and psychological adjustment). To achieve this, longitudinal methodologies (e.g., daily diary, day reconstruction, experience sampling, and long-interval longitudinal design) are used. 


Christine NG

I am in my year 2 of MPhil study. I am interested in social support, how people behaves in relationships and why they do so. I am currently working on a project about how social support varies in different stages of goal pursuit.


Jingyi OU

I am a first-year MPhil student. I am very interested in romantic relationships. I aim to investigate what leads to romantic relationship attraction and help people find love more effectively. I am currently focused on studying whether and how motivational concerns affect the outcomes of speed dating.


Xinlin YANG

I’m in the third year of my Ph.D. program. My research interests are self-regulation and human prosociality. I’m currently focusing on how cognitive control influences the effect of prosocial motivation in relationship functioning. I’m also interested in the topics of social support and work-related well-being. 

 Undergraduate Students  (in alphabetical order of last name)

Winnie LEUNG

I am a fourth year Psychology student. In my thesis, I am investigating how beliefs about boredom affect the way people respond to boredom. I am also interested in the topics of solitude, contemplation and free will.

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Bryan PANG

I am a year 4 psyc major. Currently, I am writing my thesis about the linkage between motivation and biases in social cognition. I am also interested in the broad topics of social psychology, moral psychology and behavioral economics."


Cathy Wong

I am a fourth-year psychology undergraduate student. I am interested in topics of social behaviours, motivation and emotions. Currently, I am studying social comparison, loneliness and how it influences our perception.

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